Betty Nash

betty nash BETTY IS RETIRING FROM FESTIVALS....BUT NOT FROM PAINTING. I can be contacted about my paintings at my email: and I will continue to have my paintings on my I will miss everyone.

Enter the world of timeless elegance through the dramatic oil paintings of Betty Nash. With a mastery of light and texture, her paintings bridge time by incorporating the chiaroscuro style of the Dutch and Flemish masters into beautiful contemporary design.

Betty presents contemporary realism painted with professional craftsmanship ... sometime with a touch of humor added.
She paints in oils exclusively as she feels that only oils give the richness in color that she is striving for.

Her award winning work has been represented in numerous exhibitions and publications and can be found in private collections nationwide.

Noticeable in her paintings is a peppermint. This started as a fun thing but is now expected by her collectors.

The paintings are all original. No prints nor giclees are made of them.

Quoting Daniel Graves: The values of beauty and meaning are slipping away. We need to be reminded that these things are still important.

All great art is in praise of something we love.

Her work can be seen at
Mary Karam Gallery or Pat Waymon Gallery webpages.


Glass Fish & Cobalt
36 in x 18 in

Health Kick
24 in x 20 in

Cobalt & Little Green Apples
24 inches x 30 inches

A Slice of Orange & Cobalt
30 in x 15 in

Good Times Remembered
12in x 16in

Three Wise Ones
24in x 12in

Brass Rabbit
30 in x 15 in

Before Keurig
12in x 12in

Flow Blue & a Rose
12 inches x 12 inches

Days of Wine & Roses
16in x 12in

Brass Pot & Silver Dollars
18in x 24in 2in gallery wrap

Full Circle
24 in x 18 in

16in x 12in

Jug & Piece of Peel
18in x 24in gallery wrap

Pretty Bubbles
30 in x 15 in

Going Into Town
20 in x 24in

Enjoying the Blues

LaMode before the price raise
8in x 6in

20 in x 24 in gallery wrap

16 in x 12 in

Lemons & White Satin
30 in x 15 in

16 in x 20 in

Sweet & Sour
16 in x 12 in

Timeless Beauty
16 in x 12 in

The Letter
16 in x 12 in

A Quiet Time
black 1 in frame

A Womans Work is Never Done
10x8 in black 1 in frame

Bubble Blower
10x8 framed 1 in white

Car Trouble
10x8 in black 1 in frame

Tea Party
10x8 in black 1 in frame

From the Vine
8x10 in black 1 in frame

Great Balls of Fire
10x8 inch framed in 1 in black